NORAD Santa Tracker 2014 now live on Google Maps

The NORAD Santa Tracker is now live where you can track Mr Claus on Google Maps, follow Santa’s journey right now and see where he is stopping.

Today is Christmas Eve 2014 and it is that time of year Santa Claus has to deliver all his presents. Santa started of at the Arctic North Pole at 00:00:00, where the weather was -34°C / -29.2°. His next stop is in Provideniya where he will arrive shortly. If you scroll on this page you can see up-to-the-minute updates.

NORAD Santa Tracker 2014 now live on Google Maps

The gifts Santa has delivered so far when we last looked was 10,346, this number is climbing at a rapid rate.

He should be arriving in the United States a little before midnight tonight, he is heading towards Russia according to the map.

Track Santa now right here – Just skip the intro if you please to get straight onto the tracker, we seem to have noticed if you do not click on the ‘Skip Into’ at the bottom of the page you sit there for some time.

Where is Santa Claus right now?

NORAD Santa Tracker now live on Google Maps