Finest Squad Vs GDKJordie and no Christmas DDoS

Seems like The Finest Squad is taking on the world, the war has already started on @GDKJordie (R.I.U. Jord YM051K) aka #LizardSquad. The Finest are tweeting often, what are they up to now?

They released the ‘FinestSquad vs LizardSquad – Part 1’ YouTube video saying they will be prevent any attacks scheduled on Christmas day, they also mention ‘The Anonymous’ is not their enemy. Then they go on to say Lizard Squad are a bunch of amateurs. They cannot do sh*t and buy Web booters – watch the full video below.

Finest Squad Vs GDKJordie and no Christmas DDoS

The Finest Squad then released its new YouTube channel, then Finest Squad went all out to attack. They tweeted last week that they have Dreamhost, then they said bringing up DreamGod makes them look retarded and this will show in a video, which has not yet been done. Finest also hit back saying if they posted all the information on LizardSquad was wrong why have they disband and come back with different members – in a nutshell they were blunt and said they demolished LizardSquad.

Finest Squad’s Twitter account is going a little crazy and so far has 72.2K followers, the nest two tweets to follow were, “Why is there not one home connection on your “Dox” of our members? You just want attention. Are you a hacker bro? @LizardSquad ~j4ck.” And, “If our website was rooted why isn’t it defaced and offline? Didn’t get that far in the hack-forums tutorials yet? @LizardUnit ~p1st.” But replies were soon to fly in.

One tweeter said, “HEY I’m a hacker too.. blah blah look at me, drama drama… “copy pastin’ wiz”. watchout, I’lll DDoS ya Doxhole!.”

Other than The Finest Squad taking credit for taking down LizardSquad they said in a tweet Lizard Squad will not be able to DDoS on X-MAS, they will basically be “Connection Timed Out” on Christmas day.

Because people are hitting back the FinestSquad said, “Can someone please tell me what @GDKJordie has hacked or done? Prove to me he isnt harmless. Oh thats right…. YOU CANT BECAUSE HE IS.” That is a bold statement, head over to the official The Finest @FinestSquad Twitter account here to read many more tweets.

You can also see the ‘@FinestWarrant Speaks’ YouTube video they published on December 22, 2014 below. In this video they say in a nutshell that haters keep hating because they are doing it for the gamers.

What are your views on Finest Squad attacking @GDKJordie aka #LizardSquad?

FinestSquad Vs LizardSquad and no Christmas DDoS