EZTV proxy alternative listing new TV shows

EZTV went down a few days ago leaving users a little annoyed, but to provide a little Christmas spirit back into this festive time of year a new EZTV proxy alternative in now up and running online.

The new proxy website for EZTV (eztv-proxy.net), this site was all part of a DDoS attack, which EZTV admin are working on right now. We got wind of a new site coming back under the domain EZTV.it was up and running, but when you visit this does not seem to work, but this site is said to be coming back soon.

EZTV proxy alternative listing new TV shows

So many OSM readers asked if there was an EZTV alternative, but it seems our previous article was missed by these asking. So here is the answer – thank you for contacting us.

eztv-proxy.net seems like the only good alternative at the moment, it is now online and seems to be working rather well connecting to the EZTV IP address.

There are many new TV uploads being added regularly and being indexed at the EZTV proxy, so when we reported that EZTV servers were up and running this seems to be spot on true. The EZTV proxy site ‘eztv-proxy.net’ is now linking to the back-end IP address of the common website with new TV uploads.

You will see new TV shows being added such as Citizen Khan Season: 3 Episode: 7, which was released on 19th Dec 2014, file size being 238.47 MB. Today Timeshift 2014 Bullseyes and Beer 720p HDTV x264 AAC MVGroup org has been added.

Are you using eztv-proxy.net?

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  • Concered User

    the proxy site is now down as the servers have been shut down by court order

    • Tom

      Not true. It’s still up and running but that is in the US.

  • Daphne

    I can access the proxy from Germany. Use a VPN with servers elsewhate to access it!

  • Norky75

    Proxy site works for me in California

  • Tom

    Proxy site is working fine and I have had no trouble replacing Pirate Bay. I scan all torrents before I download them.

  • ct

    what site have you guys replaced pirates bay with, any with a good community like tpb?

    • Marie

      Try kickass torrents

  • Fliss

    Proxy site was working yesterday, but not today – In Australia

  • allie

    Now down :(

  • Rox

    The proxy was working this morning in AUS but is now down.

  • guest

    try demonoid and bt-chat. also, eztv proxy is down for me too.

  • JK

    eztv proxy is down for me too .. from malaysia

  • Peter Bird

    It was running fine earlier this morning, but it’s disappeared now.

  • JP

    EZTV proxy down… South Africa

  • VaL

    down in Chile…

  • toto

    down in venezuela..

  • Meiyo

    Down in USA…..

  • Sylvain

    Down in France

  • Will

    The proxy is down in Korea.

  • marbs

    down in london

  • Peter Swindells

    down in manchester uk

  • Emirati

    Down in India and Dubai

    • Rouffian

      I am curious, doesn’t Etisalat’s proxy prevent access to torrenting sites? If they want to keep all ‘contentious’ material out I would expect that to be the first stop.

  • MC

    It used to work these past few days, not anymore in Saudi

  • Ger

    down in the netherlands

  • BםB

    Worked wonderfully. Not anymore…

  • Yatzek

    Down in Israel also :/

  • JP

    Still down. Quite a few EZTV torrents available on kickasstorrents. Also movies from YTS.

  • JD

    eztv-proxy is still down in Canada

  • bulldogs3

    Still down in Australia

  • Rouffian

    Still down. I am finding most of what I want on KAT though.

  • Max Pee

    Used EZTV for years…been up and down for weeks….especially since Pirate Bay got shutdown again. I use Bitsnoop via proxy…works great and fast. Rugby UK