Using Twitter Cards to drive traffic: Infographic

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that only uses up to 140-characters to get your message across, so you have to be to the point in what you tweet. But, there are many ways to expand on the 140-characters, such as photos, direct downloads, videos and much more.

This is where Twitter Cards could help drive more traffic, they work where users can add many meta tags and then Twitter users can tailor each card. In say WordPress there are three different types of plugins, which can work well with Twitter Cards and these include Jetpack, JM Twitter Cards and WordPress SEO by Yoast. When you have added the HTML to the company’s webpage you can use the Twitter Card Validator.

Using Twitter Cards to drive traffic- Infographic

How to drive traffic with Twitter Cards in four easy steps infographic by The Payroll Blog is very interesting to read, and of course insightful.

Twitter cards allow users to attach media experiences to tweets that exceed the 140-character mark. Twitter cards allow brands to stand out from a feed full of text and they can also help many businesses introduce new services or products. As well as sharing videos and current events, and of course increase conversation.

Did you know tweets with images attract 150 percent more retweets, 89 percent more favorites and 18 percent more clicks. The infographic shows a few statistic graphs, such as the number of websites using Twitter cards and Twitter cards popular website verticals.

The infogrpahic also goes into great detail covering: 1) Choose a card type, 2) Add Meta tags, 3) Validate, 4) Measure results.

Are you using Twitter cards?

Using Twitter Cards to drive traffic: Infographic

Using Twitter Cards to drive traffic- Infographic pic 1