Twitter reactions to Cuba cigar restriction

Looks like Cuban cigar restrictions has been lifted between United States and Cuba, many cigar smokers are taking to Twitter to celebrate.

Those in America travelling to Cuba and then back again can come back with tobacco and alcohol products up to $100, Yahoo News reports this stands for authorized American travellers.

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Celebrations all over Twitter are coming in fast, many are very happy that travel restrictions between the two countries are starting to be loosened. Obama is in talks so that they can restore full diplomatic relations between United States and Cuba. This will end the 53-year U.S-imposed trade prohibition.

Cuba is very well known for its cigars, and people around the world who smokes Cuban cigars know they are the best. The lifted restriction would mean the cigar development will rise brining in millions to Cuba each year.

BBC News has an in-depth look into US-Cuba ties, the President of the United States has hailed a “new chapter” in US relations with Cuba. It has been 54 years since trade embargo was imposed, $1.1 trillion cost to the Cuban economy, the cost to the US economy sits at around $1.2 billion per year, since 1960 there has been 11 US Presidents and 3 Cuban Presidents.

The Twitter reactions are coming in very fast, one tweeter said, “Two weeks ago I brought cigars back from Cuba, and it was cool cause it was illegal. And now it’s not cool anymore. #ThanksObama.

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Are you happy the Cuban Cigar ban has been lifted?

Twitter reactions to Cuba cigar restriction