Instagram filters update review and importance

Do we really need filters in Instagram? The social media photo-sharing site has recently had an update adding 5 new filters, which is huge for them really considering these are new accompaniments since December 2012

The new Instagram filters are called Aden, Crema, Ludwig, Perpetua and Slumber. When it comes to photography trends people love filtering photos, for the general user who just takes quick snaps (Yes Me) they are not really used.

Do filters really inspire you?

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Instagram believes that smartphone camera technology has evolved, and by adding filters they add more emotion to a photo. You can now preview what you have filtered before releasing the shutter button.

Instagram users can also get to grips with the slo-motion video feature; yes get ready to slow down your videos.

If you visit The Verge you can read their full new Instagram Filters review, some of the comments they received are rather interesting. One reader said, out of the bottom 5 photos comparing the filtered image on the right, they prefer the original.

Some believe that adding filters like Instagram have done they are just way over-processed and do not look right – Do you agree or disagree with this?

How are you getting on with the 5 new Instagram filters?

Instagram filters update review and importance