Facebook app update enhances photos

Facebook recently updated its Instagram app with new photo filters, but that wasn’t enough because they have also updated its Facebook app as well.

All you need to do is go to your app on your mobile device and then upload a photo, before you post it it will give you an option to enhance automatically.

Facebook app update enhances photos pic 1

You can now apply a filter and contrast to suit your needs, it made sense that they would update its Facebook app after the Instagram update. The photos will automatically be updated, but if you do not like the changes you can click the “magic wand” icon, this same icon will be illuminated to let you know of the changes before your choice.

There are other options to change the photo so it doesn’t look as ruthless, users can also select the crop option.

It is like this –

Upload a photo to Facebook, you will see two icons where one is the magic wand and the other is the crop, the magic wand icon will be illuminated to let you know changes have automatically been done. If you tap the magic wand you can set the contrast to how you like, if you tap the photo itself it will bring up other options.Tap to tag, filters, another magic wand and crop are there as usual.

Do you like the new Facebook photo update?

Facebook app update enhances photos