is down, BlizzardCS aware and angry tweets

Many gamers are having trouble with at the moment, it seems the servers are down. Many users are taking to Twitter to vent their anger because they cannot get to play their games.

Many gamers are asking if has crashed or something because they are getting timeout messages when running a game such as Diablo 3, Rift etc. is down, BlizzardCS aware and angry tweets pic 1

9 hours ago BlizzardCS on Twitter did report they were investigating very slow load times, they are also looking into connection errors when trying to look at BattleNet websites forums.

One gamer said they were in a dungeon and was dc’d and now they cannot login, with not working for them now. Just recently one Twitter users said, “@BlizzardCS Any word on the complete shutdown of”

BlizzardCS have just updated its Twitter with, “We’re aware that some players are experiencing latency and server stability issues, and are investigating. Thanks for your patience.”

Are you having any downtime problems? is down, BlizzardCS aware and angry tweets