Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd social media following

Who won The voice? Craig Wayne Boyd did and now you can follow him on social media has he embarks on his new singing career. Best to join now before million flock to his social media channels.

The Voice season 7 winner wasn’t wild-card qualifier Damien, but instead Craig Wayne Boyd was the Voice finalist who won it. The final performances by Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd, Matt McAndrew and Damien were fantastic, and the crown is now sitting on Boyd’s head.

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Matt McAndrew “Wasted Love” song was top of the download charts, and Craig Wayne Boyd’s original “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face” took number two. Damien’s song, “Soldier” only reached number 8.

Will there be a great future for The Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd?

Unlike Pop Idol with superstar winners such as Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia and many more The Voice has not really produced and superstar, is it time for Craig Wayne Boyd to be the only star to break The Voice Curse?

Craig Wayne Boyd is on both Facebook and Twitter with 82,450 and 100,000+ followers respectively. Are you following Craig Wayne Boyd.

Please do watch The Voice 2014 Finale where you will see the champion being revealed.

Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd social media following

  • Lisa

    Tes, the right one won FINALLY. I thonk he will go far, and he IS SO FINE

  • Lisa

    Sorry, I can not spell, I meant, YES, the right one finally won and he will go very far