How Nestle took social to the next level

Nestlé is one of the largest FMCG brands on the planet – and they have embraced social media. Their social teams publish more than 1,500 pieces of content daily to hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

That’s a lot of content – and even more data. With more than 2,000 brand profiles to manage, Nestlé needed a partner that could help them turn mountains of social data into actionable insights.

How Nestle took social to the next level

That’s where Socialbakers come in. Watch the video to see how Nestlé and Socialbakers teamed up to meet the challenges of the social age – in beautifully visualized ways.

Here are a few quick facts: Over 210 million Nestlé brands fans are on Facebook, 1.2 Billion products are sold each day with majority being sent from social media. Over 1,500 pieces of content is being published on social media and over 42% of all Nestlé web traffic comes via mobile. There are also over 200,000 Nestlé employees on their internal social media platform, and social media platforms being used include Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Google Plus.

Nestle was founded in Switzerland in 1866 and its revenue per year is around $14 billion. Global Digital Marketing Advisor – DAT Manager Andrea Galli says, “Socialbakers is helping us to take decisions in real time, comparing, benchmarking, and analyzing all the information, all the KPIs important to take decisions, take actions and increase the numbers.”

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