Help baby Delilah fundraising campaign

The Help baby Delilah fundraising campaign has been put into place to help Harmony’s beautiful daughter Delillah Rayne, after she was born 13 weeks early.

On Tuesday December 9th baby Delillah was born 13 weeks early weighing just 2.2 pounds, she is already facing many challenges and is still receiving full care at Stanford’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Help baby Delilah fundraising campaign pic 1

The reason I am bringing awareness to this fundraising campaign titled, “Help for Harmony and Baby Delilah” on GoFundMe is because I was to 2 months premature and had difficulties. I (Mark Chubb) was born weighing 3.2 pounds and was in an incubator for 3 months, had a huge dent in my chest, which has healed up nicely and would never notice.

I would like for all to spread the “Help Baby Delillah” fundraiser all across your social networks, if you visit this page right now you have the options to donate and also share via Facebook and Twitter – Please do so and lets raise the money.

So far $4,416 has been raised of a $10,000 goal in just two days thanks to the love and kindness of 90 charitable people.

The money is being raised because the costs associated with the level of care is overwhelming, please also use the commenting area below this article to send your encouragement and support.

Just over 7 hours ago the GoFundMe page was updated, mum Harmony said they could not do a sonogram on her daughter because it would have been too stressful. There is no update on the bleeding in the brain but she is stable.

Please do share this on Facebook and Twitter, and as many other social networks as you can. Let’s help Harmony and baby Delilah.

Help baby Delilah fundraising campaign