GTA 5 online down and not working for gamers

There are reports of GTA 5 servers being down today, a few gamers have contacted Rockstar about connectivity issues. Some are saying it’s a problem with the PSN rather than GTA 5.

One owner of the game said they were told there must be a fault with their Internet, because there is no fault at Rockstar’s end.

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Other gamers have said that the servers must be down and that is the reason they cannot play their GTA 5 online game. When they try to play the game they are getting, “Rockstar game services are unavailable right now.”

OSM has reached out to a few GTA 5 gamers and they say there are no problems. If you visit Down Detector you will see a few gamers commenting their issues with GTA 5. One gamer said they are being placed into empty lobbies on the PS4, which is strange considering they opened their ports on their wireless router.

Are you having any problems with GTA 5 being down? Please do use the commenting area below as we would like to know if you are ok or having issues.

GTA 5 online down and not working for gamers

  • Bobbyrandomdude

    Think I’ve been hacked now it says files cant be downloaded from r* required to play gta online

  • Mr. Woodcock

    Yup. “Saving failed – unable to connect to the Rockstar game services.” Been doing it on my 360 all afternoon.

  • bosin

    GTA V online wont work everytime files required could not be downloaded and rockstar game services unavailable

  • Riley Karlenzig

    So me and my homie have been having difficulties the last 2 hrs. GTA online just wont load. It just says “Rockstar game services are unavailable” and im getting upset. I wanna drive my new Dinka Jester Racecar

    • bosin

      That has been happening to me to

  • Kyle Whitney

    Wish I could just not play this game but I’m unfortunately stupidly addicted to this almost hopeless game

  • clay

    Been trying for 2 nights now and I still can’t connect and keep ending up in lobbies by myself.