Finest Squad to bring DDoS services down

The Finest Squad is set out to bring cyber criminals to justice around the world; their main plan at the moment is to bring DDoS services down.

When you visit the @FinestSquad Twitter account they are going all out with their tweets, you can clearly see they want the world to see they brought the Lizard Squad crew to their knees with its pinned tweet. Lizard Squad has been removed from twitter thanks to the Finest Squad, and then they say in their tweet, “Your welcome fellow gamers. We will make sure their IRC stays offline.”

Finest Squad to bring DDoS services down pic 1

The next few steps for the Finest Squad include taking down / offline as many DDoS services, these include hosting, offshore, hosting, web booters and more. They have also announced on its Twitter account they are setting up a new YouTube channel, a news bulletin and a community forum – these are being developed right now so stay tuned.

They also want to stack up its team; they basically want more of the finest. They do stress no illegal activities allowed, are you interested. This new role comes after they hired a professional full-time web designer/developer and web site security specialist.

Looks like the Finest Squad is here to help all the gamers out there, PlayStation and Xbox gamers will be thrilled to bits Lizard Squad has had the Finest treatment. They do not like these kids harassing people and that is why they are there to bring justice.

So far the Finest Squad website lists the LizardSquad member Obnoxious being arrested, @LizardPatrol, @LizardSquad and many more being removed from Twitter.

All these wrong doings are being hunted, such as the EZTV proxy site being shutdown – read more here.

Are you happy with what the Finest Squad have done so far?

Finest Squad to bring DDoS services down

  • godocle

    Isnt what The finest squad is doing illegal, hacking twitter and email? Not that I’m complaining but….