Social media addicts on Christmas Day

Social media addicted Brits could spend more time looking at their phone than at their loved ones on Christmas Day, a new study has found.

The study, by money saving website, found that even on Christmas Day most smartphone and tablet users will log on to post a photo or share a status – with many planning to remain online throughout the big day.

The site asked users how much time they planned to spend on social media on Christmas Day, with more than a third, 35%, saying they planned to scroll through their newsfeeds in between opening presents and scoffing Christmas dinner.

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More than a quarter, 26%, planned to brag about their Christmas present haul and post images of their goodies online, while one in six, 16%, planned to post a snap of their Christmas dinner. Others tech addicts use social media sites to send their festive greetings, with nearly half, 47%, saying they’d rather write on their friend’s wall then send them a Christmas card.

The wide variety of social media platforms available equates to even more time spent on each one – with a large majority saying they use apps like Snapchat and Instagram to provide constant updates on Christmas Day for their followers.

Other smartphone vices included spending time on popular gaming apps over the festive holidays, with 12% preferring to while away the hours on Candy Crush rather than gathering the family for a game of charades on Christmas Day. People also spend time on messaging apps like WhatsApp or iMessage on Christmas Day to send their seasons greetings.

Others will even use social media to post thank you notes for their present, with 10% preferring to message their friend or relative online rather than send an old fashioned card.

One respondent said: “I find Christmas Day quite dull – there’s not a lot to do after opening presents and eating dinner. Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter is what I normally do when I’m bored so it’s no different to any other day.”

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Another said: “I am guilty of posting pictures of my presents and meal all over social media. Christmas is a time for sharing so why not share online as well?”

One person said: “I miss my friends when I’m stuck at home with my family for Christmas so I want to stay in touch with them over the holidays – Facebook is the best way to do that.”

One parent said “I ban smartphones on Christmas Day as they are just a distraction from what’s really important. Getting all the family together only happens once a year for us so strictly no Facebook and Twitter under my roof on December 25th.

“After all the three wise men weren’t armed with smartphones to grab selfies with baby Jesus so lets not forget the true meaning of Christmas.”

A spokesperson from said: “Our generation is now a cyber one and scrolling through social media sites is second nature to most people – even on Christmas Day.

“It’s so easy now to share images online so it’s no wonder many people are posting pictures of their present and Christmas dinner online – it’s a great way of giving your followers an insight into your day.“

Do you share your Christmas presents you got on social media such as Facebook etc?

Social media addicts on Christmas Day