Google Trends refresh update and year in search

The Google team have been busy little bees with its new Google Trends refresh, as well as it new ‘Year in Search 2014’.

When you visit Google Trends now you will see a whole new look, which looks clean and in box format. We call it box format because all the subjects such as ‘Searches’ and ‘YouTube’ are inside boxes.

Before the now simply YouTube, it used to say ‘Trending in YouTube’, Google has just made the whole page look cleaner. At the top of the Google Trends page it says ‘Trending Now’ then you can see the top 3 searches and top 3 YouTube video titles. To look at more just click on the ‘United States’ links within the boxes.

Google Trends refresh update and year in search

You will also see the 2014 charts, but when you refresh the Google trends page these will change, for example look at the screenshot above. It says Trending NFL Teams and Trending Tech Gadgets. But when you refresh (Screenshot Below) it changes to Trending Celebrity Pregnancies and Trending Video Games, these two boxes will change when page has been refreshed.

Google Trends refresh update and year in search pic 1

The other two boxes are there to explore in-depth, such as Justin Bieber vs. Miley Cyrus, and US Interest in LeBron James. Yet again, when refreshed these will change.

Also new is the ‘Google Year in Search 2014’, it was 2013 FIFA World Cup Brazil that was searched the most in 2014, then it was the XXll Winter Olympic Games – Read more about the most searched things in Google Search here.

What do you think of the new Google trends look?

google year in search 2014

  • joekeays .

    I love the new look but they got rid of the very visual Metro TILE FEATURE. I hope they can bring it back. I miss it already. Thanks