EZTV proxy site down but servers running

The Swedish police took down Pirate Bay and many other proxy sites such as EZTV, but new reports suggest EZTV is recovering and will be back online soon. The TV torrent site has been down a while now and its domain even though still offline at the moment will make a comeback using its original EZTV.it.

So many users asked questions when EZTV went down, the main one being “Does anyone have any idea as to when/if EZTV will be back online?” There are loads of torrents online, but fans love EZTV saying it is the best site for TV series.

EZTV proxy site down but servers running pic 1

EZTV down but not out, Torrent Freak reports that EZTV servers are up and running again and when fully functional they will make live its domain again. TR also reports a few of EZTV’s torrents are making their way to ExtraTorrent and Kickass.so websites. If that wasn’t good enough fans will also be happy to know the EZTV proxy site ‘eztv-proxy.net’ is now connecting to the back-end IP address of the normal website with new uploads.

The Pirate Bay was also taken down and no word of when they will be up online, there have been a few warnings such as @oldpiratebay is a fake account so do not donate, for more information please visit here.

When sites such as The Pirate Bay and EZTV go down there will always be copycats with similar domain titles, such as ”thepiratebay.cr’ site. Such sites will send potential users to another proxy site with ‘.ee’ domains – do not believe everything you see. Trust us when we say EZTV and Pirate Bay are still down.

Over on the EZTV.it TV Torrents (@eztvit) Twitter account all the links are broken, when you click on them they hang for a while then you end up seeing a error screen.

When do you think EZTV will be up and running again?

EZTV proxy site down but servers running

  • TJ

    I miss EZTV . the best place for sure, next would be pirate bay I’m lost without them.

  • Monchu Guerrero

    You bet they were the best for TV series which one can just find anywhere so what’s the problem authorities/MPAA etc etc have with them….FREEDOM !! They’re behaving like the NK CHINESE RUSSIANS and the other totalitarian regimes in this world of control