Sydney siege live updates on Twitter

#sydneysiege is trending in Twitter taking the number one slot at the moment, this hashtag is trending after a gunman held around 30 people hostage today in a Lindt Chocolate Café in Sydney, Australia.

Twitter is being inundated with all the ‘Sydney Siege’ news; a few hostages have been released by an Islamic State (IS) gunman. Twitter feeds are going crazy with love updates, helpline numbers for friends and family of the hostages to call and many photographs.

Sydney siege live updates on Twitter pic 1

As of now we believe five hostages have been released by the gunman, the Lindt Chocolat Cafe at Martin Place, Sydney. There is a jihadi flag in the Window according to many reports coming in on Twitter, and angry tweets are coming in that religion is being used for criminal acts.

One Twitter users said, “Why are so many criminal acts committed in the name of religion? Shame on them! #sydneysiege.” The area is still blocked off, for all the latest updates just visit this hashtag #sydneysiege.

The Independent Twitter account tweeted a link of a video showing the five hostages running to safety from the gunman, they also tweeted the news about a mother getting a text form her son during this horrible ordeal.

Over on the CNBC Twitter account they also tweeted about the five hostages escaping the siege in Sydney, they are also live blogging developments. We also recommend following Huffington Post on Twitter as well, they also have live updates.

Sydney siege live updates on Twitter