Realdeal Launcher, the smart Facebook monetization tool

There are of course many challenges brands are facing on Facebook, and a new name has come to our attention that can apparently solve the problem of lowering organic post reach and boost sales for brands across multiple social media channels.

Jakub Zachnik sent OSM an email letting us know they have just launched its Open Beta of Realdeal, we have been granted early adopter access and additional insight from the founders of the app.

RealDeal Launcher, the smart Facebook monetization tool pic 1

Below we will let you know a little about Realdeal –

Realddeal Launcher is said to boost-up your sales through social media. The Realdeal website mentions that there are 874 million people eon Facebook everyday spending 6 to 8 hours on average per week on the social media site. Over 200 friends acquainted by half of Facebook users, basically in a nutshell they are saying Facebook is the best channel to influence consumers’ shopping decisions.

Realdeal also talks about “Inside Facebook” where an interactive offer in a post or a comment on a News Feed, Fan Page or Event Page and much more.

The site talks about publish an offer by sharing a link, high visibility on News Feed and video support. Look like Realdeal can help with landing pages with a promotional offer dedicated to brand’s fans. Unique promo code redeemed with Facebook or Google login – the two bullet points here include unique URL and supports custom domain.

The Realdeal Launcher discusses ‘Mutual Gain’ where say Mike gets an offer, Kate and two others gets an offer, Andrew and 2 others get an offer – basically share an offer on their profiles in return of a better deal.

Realdeal is social –

Sharing: People are more willing to bring others into the customer base if they get something in return. That’s what Realdeal is for. With our tool you can offer a better deal for the users who share it with friends.

Easy login: One-click social network login allows you to keep the the lowest possible barrier of entry in promo code redemption, but you still collect information on users’ behavior and have a chance to reach out to them in the future.

Facebook Newsfeed optimized: One-click promo code redemption, directly from Facebook. Not only posts, but also comments or messages. Realdeal is everything you wanted Facebook Offers to be. Just paste the link to the campaign and watch magic happen.

For more information please to visit Realdeal, you can also check out their blog for case-studies and more. Please do take a look at the slideshow here – lovely screenshots.

RealDeal Launcher, the smart Facebook monetization tool