Opinion on Google Drive adopting My Maps

My Maps has now been integrated with Google Drive at last, support for custom maps will now have a strong consistency with the My Maps function.

Seeing as My Maps is now part of Google Drive, maps can be created, sorted, edited and best of all shared. The Google Drive My Maps integration was announced last week, and creating a custom map is very easy indeed.

Opinion on Google Drive adopting My Maps

To create a custom map just select “New,” then “More,” then “Google My Maps.”

Any maps that you have created can be accessed via Google Drive, which means you can share, organise and manage them without any headaches. Users will be able to create folders such as “Holidays,” “Travel,” etc and then search through them when they please.

This new set up works well in a web browser, the ability to drop pins, measure distances and draw routes is very easy now. Google My Maps—now accessible in Google Drive makes planning easier. Even better news is where users can import data from Google Spreadsheets and files that they have uploaded. Any old custom map will be moved over to Google Drive, if this hasn’t happened to you yet it will.

Are you happy My Maps is now integrated with Google Drive? We would love to receive your opinion on this update.

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