Facebook dislike button consideration for force of good

At the Facebook HQ Mark Zuckerberg held his Townhall Q&A, where people ask questions and he the CEO answers them best he can. One rather interesting topic popped up about the dislike button, where Zuckerberg said they are thinking about it.

The live Facebook Q&A was broadcasted live from Menlo Park, California, headquarters, and is the part where Zuckerberg stands in front of a large crowd and answers your questions. These questioners include fans, employees and the general locals, which was also streamed online.

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In the video below Mark Zuckerberg explains a little about the Facebook dislike button. Even though we explained a little about the button being too dangerous, Zuckerberg has sort of slapped us in the face and said, “You know, were thinking about it.”

He said were thinking about it on the dislike button, he said the like button is really valuable because it is a way you can very quickly express positive emotion. He actually understands that you cannot use the like button for most things.

Mark Zuckerberg went on to say people may share things that are sad or tough, and people do not feel comfortable pressing the like button. Like is not the appropriate sentiment when someone lost a love one etc. He went on to say to give people more power to do that with emotions would be powerful. But, he did go on to say Facebook needs to go about the right way to do it and ends up being a force for good and not a force for bad.

Would you like a dislike button, or do you have other Facebook button ideas?

If you read the comments under the video below, people have put some rather interesting and uninteresting options in what button they would like.

Facebook dislike button consideration for force of good