EA outage causing Lizard Squad hate

Lizard Squad have boasted in taking EA offline on its @LizardPatrol Twitter account, Electronic Arts are well aware of the outage and are working on the issue.

EA tweeted twice on its @AskEASupport account, the first said they are experiencing an outage and games, services & support may have problems. Then they tweeted again with good news, EA games & services are available but support wait times may still have problems. If you would like one-to-one assistance then its advised to contact them here.

EA outage causing Lizard Squad hate pic 1

EA customers are complaining on both Twitter and Facebook, one gamer said they cannot connect to servers in Dragon Age Inquisition. Gamers have complained they cannot get to play, Battlefield, Madden and many more.

Even though most of EA serives are back to normal a few users are still experiencing problems. The hate towards Lizard Squad at the moment is rich. One tweet said, “@LizardPatrol: EA #offline #LizardSquad” you guys are as*****s I hope you all get caught @FBI get these as*****s”

Are you still having EA outage problems? What are your views on Lizard Squad?

EA outage causing Lizard Squad hate