Canvs Twitter TV content from Nielsen creates world-first in social TV

Leveraging Twitter TV content captured by Nielsen, Canvs, powered by Mashwork, has become the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform, bringing new meaning to social TV metrics.

With the ability to qualitatively analyze all Nielsen-measured TV-related Tweets for new and live English-language programming across 250+ U.S. channels, Canvs is the first platform to automatically and comprehensively measure the emotions that drive conversation and engagement around television today. The Tweets analyzed by Canvs are those captured in measurement of the industry standard Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings.

Networks, producers, and agencies can use Canvs to inform strategic decisions in key areas including:

CanvsTwitter TV content from Nielsen creates world-first in social TV

Marketing and promotions: Network marketers use Canvs to determine which content will perform best in on-air and online promotions based on emotional reactions. Canvs also provides insight into characters and plots that resonate with audiences to inform community management strategy.

Research: Research departments use Canvs to create next-day qualitative analysis on audience reactions to programming. The season recap feature in Canvs also allows researchers to put together comprehensive end-of-season reports that summarize trends in emotional reactions over time.

Production: Production companies use Canvs to see how audiences emotionally reacted to characters and plots almost immediately after episodes air. Future episodes can be written or edited based on Canvs analysis and insights can be used to inform content for future seasons.

Ad Sales: Ad sales uses Canvs to match brand sponsorship and content opportunities based on emotional reactions to TV programs.

Built on the knowledge and expertise of Mashwork’s skilled analysts, Canvs is the only qualitative social TV insights platform on the market. The proprietary algorithm powering Canvs allows the software to categorize Tweets into clusters based on complex emotions rather than simple positive, negative, and neutral sentiment typical of most tools. With the world’s largest database of emotional words and phrases related to entertainment, Canvs is an elegantly designed, intuitive and dynamically intelligent opinion poll that reflects the way real people are reacting to television programming on Twitter.

Jared Feldman, Founder and CEO of Mashwork said, “Never before has there been a holistic solution for qualitative analysis – I know this because in our capacity as a social media insights firm we have used every tool on the market. Leveraging Twitter TV content from Nielsen, Canvs is the first product to fill this void to create actionable qualitative social TV insights for the television market.”

“With Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, we are measuring the impact of the social TV phenomenon and the value it brings to TV networks, agencies, and advertisers,” said Sean Casey, SVP, Product, Nielsen Social. “We’re excited to be working with Mashwork to extend the value that our data brings to the larger TV ecosystem through qualitative analysis of Twitter TV activity.”

Canvs is already used by a number of TV networks and production companies, including Comedy Central, Endemol Beyond USA, BET Networks, Spike TV, and TV Land.

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