Calgary’s worst driver is Trending on YouTube

Oh, dear. The world is full of surprises and we all love to giggle now and then. But after watching the ‘Calgary’s worst driver’ video, which is trending on YouTube we actually fell over in fits of laughter.

The Calgary’s worst driver video uploaded by ‘Kidzidzi Kidzidzi’ has been viewed 7,016,543 times since December 4, 2014.

Calgary’s worst driver is Trending on YouTube pic 1

A DeltaTech surveillance camera at the 4000 block of Manilla Road S.E outside a business office caught video footage. We tried to count how many manoeuvres’ the woman in the BMW SUV made, but we got bored counting.

Not only did she try getting out of a simple parking spot, she made so many moves you could have mistaken it for Myres in Austin Powers – New movie come on, she can star in it.

You see one person come out of the office, stare at the woman’s driving skills (Actually, non-skills) and drive off. Then another car pulls up where a man in a green jumper gets out from the passenger side, walks into the office and then comes back out to help guide the woman driver. After the woman finally got out and drove off the man in the green jumper sees the damage to his red car after she hit it.

Over on Twitter Cst. Jeremy Shaw (@CstShaw) tweeted saying he nominated the woman as the worst driver, and then said investigations into the hit and run has already started. He then tweeted saying all parties were cooperative with the investigation now being closed.

CBC reports the woman driver was given a $115 ticket from Calgary police. Please do watch the video below; you can see why Calgary’s worst driver is Trending on YouTube.

Calgary’s worst driver is Trending on YouTube