Stephanie Moseley Twitter tributes

Stephanie Moseley Twitter tributes are pouring in after she was sadly shot dead on December 8 by 34-year-old husband, Earl Hayes.

The 30-year-old star dancer at Burnaby BC studio died in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her death, which was violent is being called by the police a murder-suicide.

Stephanie Moseley Twitter tributes

Rapper Earl Hayes reportedly shot dead his wife and then shot himself, both were pronounced dead at the scene. Moseley was a performance dancer, who has starred with the likes of Britney Spears, Chris Brown and Rihanna, as well as being on the VH-1’s Hit the Floor show.

According to TMZ boxer Floyd Mayweather witnessed the suicide on FaceTime video chat, apparently raged Hayes called Mayweather saying his wife Stephanie Moseley was being unfaithful. All seems a little crazy, Hayes was signed to Mayweather’s record label The Money Team.

Many tweets are coming in paying tribute, Rapper 50 Cent tweeted these below –

But most of the Twitter tributes are coming in for Stephanie Moseley. One Twitter user said they are praying for her family and friend, it is very sad her husband snapping like that. Many tweets are simply saying RIP Stephanie Moseley – you can read many more here.

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