Captain Call Dare Challenge for social media fun

At some point in our lives, many of us have had to endure a conference call or internal office call which was a little dull.

Working in an office environment over the Christmas period can be stressful, so to create a bit of a buzz and make boring calls more fun, Pioneer Business Systems have created an interactive online dare game exclusively for office workers titled, “Captain Call Dare Challenge”.

Captain Call Dare Challenge for social media fun

The Captain Call Dare Challenge generates over 80 random buzzwords / phrases that you have to try and fit into a phone conversation naturally without your recipient noticing. The more challenges you dare to complete while on the phone call, the more points you will get. Once your call has ended, you can let your colleague in on the joke and challenge them to beat your score too.

The game also gives you the option to nominate a colleague via email to take the challenge when they next have an internal office call or conference call with multiple members of staff and encourages you to share your score via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

There is something satisfying about saying buzzwords and phrases such as “synergy”, “low hanging fruit” and “push the envelope” trying not to give away the fact you are playing a game while on a call.

This interactive game will keep you smiling away while on the phone and if your daring enough to get a really high score, it will give you something to brag about on social media!

How to play

1) Call a colleague, 2) Click “START” to the right of this page and Dare to complete as many of the Captain’s challenges as you can, 3) Nominate 2 more colleagues to try and beat your score.

Captain Call Dare challenge