2014 Facebook topics of the year

In 2014 the things shared on Facebook either moved you or shocked you, challenges were completed and viruses took peoples lives. Mark Zuckerberg said 2014 had moments of real courage and achievement.

In light of this we can see the brilliantly put together “Facebook Year in Review 2014” webpage, Facebook came together and provided the world with news, photos, videos, favorite movies and so much more.

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Mark Zuckerberg thanked everyone for being part of the Facebook community on his profile page.

You can watch the Year in Review 2014 video below, in the meantime here is a little more information shown on this page here.

1. World Cup
The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil drove more conversation than any other event in Facebook history. If you click the ‘More’ down arrow you will see many Facebook entries, it also shows player liked using Facebook to post updates and photos when a tournament was on.

2. Ebola Virus Outbreak
Since March 2014 the Ebola virus outbreak has taken many lives and left some seriously ill, Facebook has shown many posts from the likes of David Beckham in a UNICEF video to Obama giving a speech, which was share on The White House Facebook page.

The Facebook Year in Review 2014 also shows

3) Elections in Brazil, 4) Robin Williams, 5) Ice Bucket Challenge, 6) Conflict in Gaza, 7) Malaysia Airlines, 8) Super Bowl, where back in February 2014 the Denver Broncos lost 43-8 to the Seattle Seahawks beat to win the Super Bowl XLVIII, 9) Michael Brown / Ferguson, 10) Sochi Olympics.

You can also view the top 10 lists featuring Topics, Places, Athletes, Entertainers, TV Shows, Movies, Songs, Games and much more.

What was your best and worst post you saw on Facebook this year?

2014 Facebook topics of the year