Russell Brand number sharing Twitter response

Should Russell Brand be banned for sharing journalists’ personal phone numbers on Twitter? Even Piers Morgan tweeted Brand is a berk for doing so, but supporters disagree.

Russell Brand decided to tweet a photo of a business card belonging to a senior Daily Mail reporter, which encouraged his 8.7 million followers to call him.

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Reporter Neil Sears wanted to contact Brand questioning him over his tax situation, there have been many saying Twitter should not ban Russell Brand because he lightens up their day. Of course there were a few less positive tweets after the number sharing.

Piers Morgan tweeted, “Russell Brand tweeting journalists’ personal phone numbers? What a berk.” But many tweets came back at Morgan, many Twitter user said in response, “You hack peoples phones.”

Do you think Piers Morgan was fair calling Brand a berk?

We have seen many comments online, and one briefly said it is unfair to ban Brand on Twitter for sharing a journalists’ phone number when so many journalists’ write false articles, hound people until they can take no more in the limelight and make people feel like they have no privacy. So if millions of people are not allowed a private life why should a journalist?

Here are a few tweets after Russell Brand shared the phone number (He removed the number of Twitter in the end) –

Katie Hopkins on Brand –

Russell Brand number sharing Twitter response