Facebook quick search update finds posts

Facebook has just announced its new ‘Quick Search’ update, not only can users find people, companies etc they can now find specific posts.

Feedback from the ‘Graph Search beta’ has allowed the social media team to act upon what users deemed most important. The feedback showed users really wanted a way of finding Facebook posts that they have seen before.

Facebook quick search update finds posts

So many times we have seen a Facebook post and forgot to share it, but wanted to show it to someone else. This meant users had to scroll through their news feed to try and find it.

Facebook Quick Search now allows users to find posts they have already seen before, get back a post, video or a photo you saw once before. There may be a news article you saw and want to read, or what about a photo from last years wedding or a birthday party.

Users will be able to search for phrases such as, “My friends who moved to America.” When you do search these are unique and personalized to you only. You will only be able to see things that were shared with you.

This new update is now rolling out in US English on desktop and iPhone, for more information please visit search.fb.com. We would also strongly recommend you visiting TechCrunch who have the full Facebook Quick Search review – Rather interesting, do have a read.

Have you got the new Facebook Quick Search update yet?

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