Peter Pan Live trending in Twitter

Peter Pan Live hate vs. love is hitting social media channels all around the world, and it is even trending in Twitter at the moment on the United States.

Twitter is going crazy at the moment surrounding the new Peter Pan Live starring Allison Williams and Christopher Walken, it was a show full of anticipation with a few sitting there waiting to mock the show. It aired last night on NBC and since doing so the tweets are of a mixed bag of hate and love.

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NBC decided they wanted to recapture the youthful Peter Pan story by making it a live production, Peter Pan was played by Allison Williams and Captain Hook was played by Christopher Walken.

The three hour Peter Pan Live event was not much loved by ‘The Daily Beast’ or ‘Morning After’. The Daily Beast said and quoted, “Was it the amateur train wreck that was last year’s ‘Sound of Music Live!’ No, it was worse. It was boring. Where’s the fairy dust when you need it? And Motrning After said in its title, “Peter Pan Live was the worst three-hour drag show we’ve ever seen.”

What did you think of Peter Pan Live?

What the tweets said on Twitter –

Peter Pan Live trending in Twitter