Q&A Facebook livestream with Mark Zuckerberg

Have you got a question for Mark Zuckerberg you would like answering? If you have then you will be very happy to know the new Q&A with Mark is all set for December 11 at Facebook HQ.

Next Thursday will be the second community Q&A with Mark, where you can ask him anything you wish. He will then be answering questions for around about an hour, and by doing so this enables Mark and team to make Facebook better.

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Mark Zuckerberg took to his Facebook page to let everyone know about the Q&A with Mark event, to ask a question just visit this page and comment.

You can also vote for a question by simply liking a comment on the link above, in the first Q&A people asked questions about Mark’s T-shirt and how the news feed ranking system works. The Q&A will be streamed live on the page and they will also post video highlights later that same day.

Event: Q&A live from Menlo Park, California. Thursday December 11 at 2 PM PT. You can also send a short video asking your question to qawithmark@fb.com.

Some questions posted so far

1) Has Facebook abandoned Graph Search?
2) Can you consider to allow people over the age of 18+ to turn the message tab off so strangers that have no friends in common cannot message you?
3) When will ‘Organic Reach’ be back?

What question would you ask Mark Zuckerberg?

Q&A Facebook livestream with Mark Zuckerberg

  • Eric Saferstein

    Mr. Zuckerberg,

    In the event of an artificially generated stampede, is it reasonable to
    assume that facebook and other social media outlets could be held liable
    for aiding and abetting with the saturation of a mass cellular hoax
    designed to spark widespread panic?

    Furthermore, are you personally concerned about the NFL 1 o’clock slate
    of games as it relates to outdated emergency evacuation protocol? Have
    you ever been formally briefed on this asymmetric national security
    issue? agsaf