Trending in YouTube: Rather freaky beauty video

The rather freaky beauty video, which was published on 20 November, 2014 is trending in YouTube at the moment with 500,000+ new local views.

The video is called, ‘100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute’, and even though it states 1 minute the whole video runs for 1:17. But for those who are rather particular from the start of the beauty treatment in 1910 to the end 2010 it is actually 1 minute 7 seconds – But then the title saying, ‘100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute Seven Seconds’ looks fairly stupid.

Trending in YouTube- 100 years of beauty in 1 minute pic 1

The time lapse video uploaded onto YouTube by Cut Video shows model getting her hair and makeup done showing the difference in change over the years. They are doing decade by decade from 1910 to 2010, guess you have to wait for 2020.

It is very hard for a woman to keep up with trends, and over the last 100 years beauty has changed, and in that we mean hair and makeup styling. One day it could be long hair, next day the bob or what above the wacky waves of the 60s.

Our favorite look is 1940, what is your best beauty year? Please watch the video below. The video moves rather quickly whilst the model is getting her makeover, but on each decade the time lapse stops to show you what she looks like.

Trending in YouTube- 100 years of beauty in 1 minute