PS4 20th Anniversary Edition video, Twitter reaction

To mark the first PlayStation consoles 20th birthday, Sony is releasing 12,300 PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles complete with controller, camera and stand.

The news broke over on the PlayStation blog, who also shared the great news on its official @PlayStation Twitter account. Where they mention about the tiny details on the DualShock 4 controller and chassis with the hashtag #20YearsofPlay.

PS4 20th Anniversary Edition video, Twitter reaction pic 1

If you watch the video you will see the detailing where you will see the typical controller sysmbols including the square, triangle, circle and the X. But look closer you will also see the number 2 next to the circle making it 20.

The original PlayStation console was released 20 years ago, in Japan 3rd December, 1994. It was the day 3D graphics within gaming changed the world, and the PS4 is continuing the trend in gaming.

This new special PS4 20th Anniversary Edition will be in demand because as we said above there will only be 12,000 made. Those in USA and Canada will be able to pre-order this coming Saturday on December 6. If you interested it is recommended you watch the PlayStation Experience keynote on Saturday, which starts at 10:00am Pacific Time.

Tweets on the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 – Also watch the video below.

PS4 20th Anniversary Edition video, Twitter reaction