Facebook is down and not responding

Facebook went down today with a few users still having issues with their pages not responding, and seeing as they could not access Facebook they took to Twitter to vent out their anger.

Not only are Facebookk users taking to Twitter to vent their anger with the social media site being down, others have responded with reactions to those that cannot get on.

Facebook is down and not responding pic 1

Today has seen a few users not being able to get on to their Facebook with pages not responding, one user said the Facebook page is constantly loading the upper selections for notifications and security, others have said they cannot click or load anything.

Others have said they can get onto the game Words With Friend, but not Facebook. Are you having issues with Facebook being down today?

One Twitter users said, Facebook is apparently down. Millions of mothers worldwide have to raise their babies now instead of posting updates about them.” Read a few other tweets below – Just so you know our Facebook is up and running ok.

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