Tesco Direct down in Firefox and Safari

Thousands were sitting up last night waiting for Tesco Direct to update its website at 00:01 last night, eager to see all the Black Friday Tesco deals so that they didn’t have to visit a store. But this was squashed when the site had major down problems.

Majority of Tesco Direct visitors are accessing the website only to be prompted with an on-screen message saying (Screenshot below), “SORRY for making you wait. Lots of people are shopping with us at the moment and we need to ask you wait briefly. Don’t worry, we’ll redirect you to the website as quickly as we can.” They do then say, “Thank you for choosing Tesco Direct.”

Tesco Direct down in Firefox and Safari pic 1

It seems this year in the UK Black Friday and Cyber Monday is very big indeed, and by the looks of things Tesco never thought it would be this big of a deal.

It is that big this year that in some stores across the UK police were called out after fights broke out, others cases saw Tesco shut stores down because they could not handle the amount of people that turned up.

We have tried opening the Tesco Direct website in both Firefox and Safari and still nothing, it says wait 30 seconds and when the timer goes down to 0 it holds a little then refreshes back to 30 seconds again. But this doesn’t seem to be happening to everyone, we have contacted a few of our friends and 2 out of the 10 we ask can see the Tesco Black Friday deals online.

Are you having problems with the Tesco Direct website?

It might be in your interest to visit Down Today; comments are already starting to roll in.

Tesco Direct down in Firefox and Safari