Put out your bats tributes for Phillip Hughes

Australian batsman Phillip Hughes death came as a shock yesterday, and people took to Twitter to show their respects by tweeting photos of their cricket bats outside with the hashtag #PutOutYourBats.

25-year-old Phillip Hughes was playing the New South Wales’ first-class match against South Australia when he got hit in the head with the cricket ball, he then collapsed and was taken to hospital. But, sadly he died on Thanksgiving Day November 27th, 2014.

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Google Australia paid tribute to Hughes with its Google Doodle on Friday, it shows a cricket bat resting on a wall. Now the ‘#putoutyourbats’ hashtag is the top trending word in Twitter for Australia.

A fan named Paul Taylor started the hashtag #PutOutYourBats, where he tweeted a photo with a cricket bat outside his front door along with the hashtag, and since doing this others have followed suit to respect Hughes. Fans, friends and celebrities are starting to put their bats outside.

Thousands of tweets are still pouring in, many with photos and a few without. One tweeter said, “U gotta love social media. How everyone can express there thoughts and feelings. Not a cricket fan but #putoutyourbats RIP Philip Hughes.

Here are a few tribute tweets –

Put out your bats tributes for Phillip Hughes