Google Trends adds Trending on YouTube

Google Trends now features ‘Trending on YouTube’ showing all the top videos. The only downside for most is that it is only available for United States, but more countries are coming soon.

Google Trends added YouTube within its search data, which was OK but not brilliant. This is why Google has decided to ad ‘Trending on YouTube’ to show off the most popular videos around.

Google Trends adds Trending on YouTube

Looking at the new YouTube section looks simple enough, and shows the most-viewed videos on YouTube within the last 24 hours.

The good thing about ‘Trending on YouTube’ (What they call ‘Hot Videos’ within the URL) is that it does not matter if you search for a video or not, the most-watched videos will show up in the new section being it you search for it or not on the YouTube website.

There will apparently be around 200 videos every day listed, but for now you will have to settle for 33 YouTube videos today in United States only. Seems like the number changes because on November 10 there were 52 videos and only 27 on the 11th and on the 12th there were 48 – Today there is only 33.

The top video ‘Trending on YouTube’ today is “Privacy in a brand-named hotel”, which has had 1,000,000+ new local views with a total of 6,575,264 global views.

What do you think of the new ‘Trending in YouTube’ feature within Google Trends?

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