Controversial Facebook notifications to boost posts

Facebook notifications are now popping up encouraging users to boost posts, one notification we saw today’s was, “Online Social Media’s post “Could you really…” is performing better than 90% of other posts on that page. Promote it to get even better results.

Some users may actually call this the ‘controversial’, and in that we mean Facebook pushing its members to spend more money. Facebook users do not need reminding about boosting a post, we already know about it. One friend of ours said, “If we want to spend our hard earned cash on boosting posts let us do it on our own back and not being reminded all the time through notifications.”

facebook notification on boosting posts

Notifications are most of the time very busy, let alone Facebook filling them up even more. The good thing about getting too many notifications from friends or family is that we can remove them if we please, but and a big BUT you can only get rid of notifications from Facebook itself by deleting your account – another words being forced to read its notifications. However, I can turn off on-site notifications from Online Social Media? Meaning I will get no notifications from Online Social Media.

When we clicked on the Facebook notification about boosting our LinkedIn post it opened a box explaining what to do. It said 3 of our friends boosted a post to reach more people. On the left it shows you the desktop news feed of the post as well as the mobile news feed layout, then on the right it asks what is your maximum budget is and estimated people reach etc.

notifications to boost Facebook post

It is all good boosting posts if you like, which we do not. We actually prefer natural likes, shares and comments.

Do you think Facebook are getting too greedy by pushing notifications to boost posts?

Controversial Facebook notifications to boost posts

  • Zagblorg

    Have been rather annoyed by this of late. Turns out, if you click the little X that appears to the right of the notification when you hover over it, you can disable “Tips” notifications for that page. Only just done it so not sure if it works, but it at least seems you can disable them.