Bloodborne PS4 exclusive release delay via social

The new Sony PS4 exclusive game called Bloodborne release date was all set for February 6, 2015. But, according to the official Twitter account it will now be coming March 26, 2015.

So many people were and probably still looking forward in playing the Sony PS4 exclusive game called ‘Bloodborne’, but you only need wait just over a month longer for it to release.

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Over on the official Bloodborne Official (@Bloodborne_PS4) Twitter account a tweet was posted saying, “『Bloodborne』の発売日を2015年3月26日に変更いたします。ゲームファンの皆さまに心より楽しんでいただける作品にすべく、最後の調整に時間をかけるため開発期間の延長を決定いたしました。お待たせすることになってしまい大変恐縮ですが、引き続きご期待いただければ幸いです。” Which translates to (Google Translate), “Will change the release date of “Bloodborne” on March 26, 2015. In order to to work that can be enjoyed from the heart to our game fan, has decided to extend the development period for taking the time to the end of the adjustment. This is a cause very regret supposed to be kept you waiting, but I hope you’ll continue to stay tuned.”

They did add another tweet saying they want to make Bloodborne even better, and this is the reason for the slight delay, it is all about focusing on quality so you can look forward to it.

Those waiting for the game will not be too disappointed because at the end of the day you would prefer a game that has pure quality, rather than a game released that doesn’t.

Bloodborne is the new Action RPG by developer FromSoftware, and it will be exclusive to the PS4. The game looks stunning with its graphics and this will be even more polished thanks to the delay, there will be dark streets, danger, mayhem and dark secrets.

Please do follow the official Bloodborne Twitter account here, and you can also follow the in-verified Facebook page here.

How do you feel about the Bloodborne release date delay?

Source – PlayStation Blog

Bloodborne PS4 exclusive release delay via social