Alex from Target reaches 729K Twitter followers: Update

Alex from Target is a social media phenomenon, and all it took was a photo taken without consent by Twitter user called @brooklynjreiff and all sorts of online, mayhem started to happen. So much so Alex Lee’s Twitter account has gone up to a staggering 729K followers.

@auscalum retweeted the photo of Alex Christopher LaBeouf (Read update below) and this is when it all started to go viral, it was at first to be a social media stunt. One thing is for sure ‘Target’ has got some really good social media awareness.

Alex from Target reaches 729K Twitter followers pic 1

The Twitter hashtag #AlexFromTarget went viral with many tweets still coming in under it. Alex was a normal 16-year-old boy who works as a cashier packing groceries at the Target store, but his life changed after a girl took his picture and posted it on Twitter. Alex is now a very popular boy and the girls love him, “Watch out Bieber.”

Before the photo went live on Twitter Alex Lee only had 140+ followers, now his @acl163 account has 729K following him.

Alex was even more popular after he went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show after his photo went viral; he went from being a Target cashier to an Internet sensation within days. Surely Alex and Target will be the advertisement combination for Christmas.

Alex on Ellen was very funny, he seems like a good kid and he should as Ellen said take something up like dancing, singing etc and take full advantage of his social media fame.

Are you following Alex from Target on Twitter yet?

Update: We had an email this morning reading, “I wanted to make you aware of a significant error in your story about Alex from Target reaching 729k Twitter followers. Alex from Target is actually Alexander C. Lee of Frisco, Texas. His name is not Alex Christopher Laboeuf. That name was inaccurately printed in one magazine and numerous other sources have continued to spread this inaccurate information. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Sincerely, Marci Fooks (Alex’s mother).

OSM Say’s: We would like to apologise for getting the name wrong.

Alex from Target reaches 729K Twitter followers