Psychological look into Twitter

There is some sort of psychology when it comes to Twitter, like who uses Twitter, what do people share, and the reasons behind why we all tweet.

There are around 232 million people worldwide sharing tweets on a daily basis, surely there is a reason for the buzz on why people are so keen to share how they are feeling, and what is going on in their lives – But why?

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Twitter users share how they are feeling with millions of people, including strangers. You wouldn’t go up to a stranger in the street and start reeling off how you feel would you? But for some reason it all seems rather normal sharing on Twitter.

Twitter is all about fulfilling basic psychological needs, such as acceptance, companionship and human connection. The infographic below courtesy of eLearners looks into a few things, starting with “Who uses Twitter”, 35% are aged between 18 and 29, 24% 13-17, 20% 30-49, 11% 50 to 65 and only 5% of Twitter users are over 65.

A little over 8 of 10 of us share some part of our lives online, with a staggering 25% not holding back and share most things if not everything online. It seems the main reason we tweet for fulfilling our needs is down to belonging, loving and affection.

Please do read the infographic below then answer this question – Why do you tweet, and do you share anything?


Psychological look into Twitter

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