Negative Facebook unfollow update vs. dislike button

Some may agree with the new Facebook News Feed update where users gain more control, and some may not like it at all thinking it shows a negative impact. But one thing is for sure; Facebook will never bring the ‘Dislike’ button into play because they believe it shows negativity.

The new Facebook update is to the ‘News Feed’ it is only a small update, which allows users to unfollow people/friends etc as well as groups and pages that are no longer interesting to you. Within a one-week period the new update will show within the News Feed the top people, pages and groups that have appeared on your feed.

Negative Facebook unfollow update vs. dislike button pic 1

The ones that do show up on your feed can be sorted by posts, as well as an overall summing up of your activity. If you find any post to boring or uninteresting, all you need to do is click on the little black arrow to hide it. You will also be able to unfollow someone a lot easier, but it does give you an option to re-follow him or her if you wish. It also gives an option to show less from the person if you prefer not to unfollow.

This new feature is available for both desktop and mobile sites at the moment; it will be introduced to the Facebook app in the next few weeks.

Facebook do not want to add the dislike button as it shows too much negativity, which could start arguments. If someone was to dislike a post they will no doubt question why they do not like it, and then the comment arguments start. But surely this could be said for the new Facebook update where you can unfollow people more easily, if someone was to unfollow a friend you can bet your bottom dollar they will text them asking them why, unless they are a stranger.

Would you be upset if someone unfollowed you on Facebook? Do you like the new update or would you have preferred the dislike button more?

Negative Facebook unfollow update vs. dislike button