Keira Knightley Twitter return for fans

Keira Knightley’s Twitter return would see many tweets pouring in, as well as thousands following her within a few days. But, will Keira Knightley reopen her Twitter account? This is the question!

The beautiful “Pirates of the Caribbean” actress opened her Twitter account a few years ago, and within just a mere 12 hours she deleted her account. She swore she would never return to Twitter, but fans believe she should.

Keira Knightley Twitter return for fans

Twitter can make or break a celebrity, even the likes of “Harry Potter’ actor Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t joined Twitter or Facebook. He said if you prefer to stay out of the limelight there is no need to join social media sites.

In the eyes of the celebrity this is true, don’t want exposure stay off social media sites. But some say if you do not want the limelight do not become an actress or actor, some may agree or disagree with this analogy. In the eyes of the fans they want to follow Keira Knightley on Twitter, they want to see photos, videos, news, updates on new movies and projects. Since doing the topless photo and it going viral, it shows she is followed and people want her back on social media platforms.

After Keira Knightley posed topless for an Interview magazine the photo went viral, she agreed to go topless as long as they kept her look natural and no photoshop was used. She didn’t want her breasts to be retouched or made bigger; she wanted them to be natural because it is important no matter what shape you are.

The star has always stayed private, but fans want to follow her. Yes there are many Keira Knightley Twitter accounts such as this one, but fans want to see an official Keira Knightley verified Twitter account.

Do you think Keira Knightley should reopen her Twitter account?

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