Zuckerberg video on Ebola, Facebook donate button

Mark Zuckerberg is ramping up the campaign to help stop the Ebola epidemic. Not only has he announced the new ‘Donate Now’ button, he has also added a new video, which he posted yesterday on how Facebook is helping to stop this dreaded virus.

In the video presented by Mark Zuckerberg himself, which he posted onto his official Facebook timeline yesterday explaining how Facebook is helping to stop Ebola. So far the video has had 720,813 views, 64,466 likes and 6,751 shares, as well as gaining 5,140 comments.

Zuckerberg video on Ebola, Facebook donate button

Within the comments one Facebook user said, “Facebook is giving everyone the ability to donate, but how much is Facebook donating? This seems just marketing to me one more time.” But, Mark Zuckerberg commented back saying, “I personally donated $25 million and Facebook is spending millions more on providing Internet connectivity in the affected regions.”

zuckerberg responds to user on ebola

Oh dear, maybe the Facebook user should have done a little research before battling with Facebook and or Mark Zuckerberg.

The new Facebook ‘Donate Now’ button will be showing up in users’ Facebook feeds allowing them to give money to three different charities – These include International Medical Corps, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, and Save the Children.

facebook ebola message

In the video Zuckerberg explains they will be providing many more services, such as providing 100 terminals to make available internet and voice-calling access to aid workers in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Facebook users will be able to donate to one of the Ebola relief charities mentioned above thanks to the new button.

Please do watch Mark Zuckerberg explaining what Facebook is doing to help stop Ebola below – also donate by clicking on the button below – Stop Ebola - Donate Now

Here is a question for you, which we saw on Facebook. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg should be the next U.S President?

facebook helping to fight ebola