Facebook audio file recording button upgrade

There are so many questions people want to ask Mark Zuckerberg, and because of this he set up the ‘Q&A with Mark’. But, one question that sticks out the most, which was not mentioned in the video below, is “Will Facebook ever incorporate audio file recording and sharing?”

Facebook users can share status messages, photos and video, but they CANNOT share audio files. Facebook are forever adding more features, like the pointless Facebook Rooms app, ad set level settings, ‘Donate Now‘ button, ‘Vote Now‘ button, and so much more.

Facebook audio file recording button need pic 1

The social media giants even added the new ‘Safety Check‘ feature that sends notifications when a natural disaster happens etc. So why have they not added a simple audio file sharing button?

So many people over a number of years have asked for some sort of Facebook audio file sharing button, it makes perfect sense to add a new Facebook audio recording button of some sort. To add audio files you have to use third-party apps or share a URL link within Facebook.

You can use many sharing services such as multiply.com, if you want to share .mp3 format then services like Posterous, Grooveshark are very good indeed. SoundCloud is very good, but you have to grab a link and then paste it into Facebook to get the audio file.

It would be simpler to just add a new ‘Audio File’ button, which can be pressed to start a recording, and then simply press the share button for your followers to listen to. Once you have sent the audio message your followers would only need click on it to listen.

A little pointless using third-party apps etc to share audio files, when Facebook could add a simple button.

Do you want a Facebook audio file-sharing button?

Facebook audio file recording button need