Twitter vs. password elimination with Digits

Could you imagine the day when passwords are no longer needed to sign in to things? Well, this is exactly what Twitter are starting to put into place with its new free tool called Digits.

During a developers conference in San Francisco, Twitter unveiled its new tool that allows users to forget using passwords in favor of a phone number.

Twitter vs. password elimination with Digits

Digits has now released in 216 countries and 28 languages. Even though Twitter owns Digits, users need to know it’s a standalone tool and not part of Twitter. To sign in to apps Digits allows users to put in a phone number and then will receive a one-time confirmation number via text message.

Digits in a way is a more secure system than the password, before Digits there was not real way for app developers to sign-in to your apps and the integration of phone-based sign-up.

Complex passwords and usernames will be a thing of the past, for more information please visit the official Digits website.

If you are a developer and wish to add Digits to your apps please visit here, which also provides information on the new Fabrics feature. Fabrics is the easiest way to build apps according to Twitter. You may also be interested in the new Sign in with Twitter, which is apparently the fastest way for people to sign in to your app or website.

Do you think Twitter will incorporate Digits into its Twitter app for easy tweeting, eliminating the login password for good?

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