Trump tweets Ebola NYC blame on Obama

Donald Trump is at it again with a barrage of tweets on Ebola NYC, his last tweet just 5 hours ago calls President Barrack Obama a total disaster.

The hashtag #EbolaInNYC is trending Twitter at the moment, and with the likes of Donald Trump starting a fight on Twitter aimed at the United States President Barrack Obama you can see why.

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Trump has tweeted 7 times on Ebola breaking out in New York City. This all started when a doctor tested positive of the Ebola virus. It was officially confirmed Craig Spencer had Ebola after he was treating patients in Guinea, Africa.

This is when Trump started his barrage of tweets on Obama, the business magnate believes Obama should have stopped flights, In one of the tweets shown below Trump said the President decided to play golf rather than attend a meeting on the NYV Ebola outbreak.

It was only last week Donald Trump had a conflict with Russell Brand, where Trump called him a loser – Read the full story here.

Do you agree or disagree with Donald Trump blaming Obama for the Ebola NYC outbreak?

Trump tweets Ebola NYC blame on Obama

  • Jim S.

    The Doc Must be a Liberal if you’re Helping Others:
    As Tina Dupuy Says: “So far every case of Ebola in this Country got it by helping people. So relax republicans, you’re in the clear.”

    Sooo, what the donald is saying that if you’re an American and doing
    what many Americans do, travel to possible dangerous places with
    possibility of catching what you’re treating others in trying to contain
    as well as help those with survive that Too Bad you can’t come