JC has an afro trending in Twitter

Apparently, JC Caylen has an afro according to the trending hashtag #JcHasAnAfro. Not too sure you can call it an afro, maybe it should have been #JcHasAPerm.

Jc Caylen is an entertainer who has four YouTube channels, his Jc Caylen channel has 1,853,578 subscribers. His real name is Justin Caylen Castillo, but officially changed it to Justin Cloud Caylen.

JC has an afro trending in Twitter pic 1

Not too sure why people are saying he has an afro, even more surprised to see the hashtag #JcHasAnAfro in at number two in the United States in trends – Its more like a perm people come on, unless fans are saying he has an afro in the picture above, which we could agree with – its an afro.

If you watch the video below titled ‘Smashing Piggy Banks Challenge’ you will see Jc in it, pointless video as they say and a good way for you to determine if he has an afro or not.

Has Jc Caylen got an afro or do you think its more like a perm?

Jc Caylen has a massive social media following, on his Facebook profile he has 546,156 followers, on Twitter he has 1.75M and on Instagram he has 1,939,823 fans.

JC has an afro trending in Twitter