Ditch or Dare anti-bullying social media campaign

National anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label will be launching an innovative new social media fundraising campaign called Ditch or Dare.

The campaign, which goes live on Wednesday 29th October, has enlisted the support of a raft of social media stars, including Daz Black – one of the UK’s most successful Vine stars. The premise behind the Ditch or Dare campaign is about setting yourself challenges and dares, encouraging you to push yourself and face your fears.

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The user devises their own dares, graded according to difficulty level, then shares them on a social media platform to friends – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

Friends are encouraged to vote for the dares they would like you to do the most. It’s a £3 donation to vote for an easy dare, £10 for a medium and £20 for a hard. At the end of your campaign, the votes will be tallied and you will be presented with the top dare from each category (a total of 3) You then have to do your dares and all the money you raised gets donated to charity.

You can register for Ditch or Dare at ditchordare.com or via Ditch the Label’s social media channels.

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Liam Hackett, founder of Ditch the Label charity said, “We wanted to come up with an innovate fundraising campaign idea that engaged with our key audience on the platforms they use most regularly in a fun and challenging way. Part of the idea is about encouraging people to face their fears and things that they find particularly challenging.”

The concept has been designed and developed by Independents United, a London based marketing agency, which helps brands drive change across communications, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Lead developer Peter Bailey at Independents United explains, “We wanted to create an app that could inject some fun into giving to charity. Allowing donors to decide which challenge their friends will face injects an aspect of jeopardy to fundraising and makes the whole process more fun and interactive.”

Ditch the Label recently published The Wireless Report, a major report looking at ways young people are engaging on smartphone social media apps. Ditch the Label’s Wireless Report surveyed 2,732 young people aged 13-25.The Wireless Report can be found at www.ditchthelabel.org

Ditch or Dare anti-bullying social media campaign