Taylor Swift deepest fears video preview

Taylor Swift has shared a new video preview of her deepest fears on Facebook; her 70,510,112 followers can get to watch how Ellen basically mocks the star.

Swift is one of the biggest pop stars at the moment, as well as having many social media followers too. But she does have fears and these are shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Taylor Swift deepest fears video preview pic 1

Everyone has fears and fair enough Taylor Swift explains to Ellen she does not like sea urchins, she said in the video, “”If you knew what sea urchins were, you would be terrified of them.” Ellen explained they just sit at the bottom of the ocean, when Swift butted in saying, “No they’re not! That’s the thing,” she believes they are like a grenade waiting to hurt you.

Ellen said that Taylor Swift is also scared of being arrested, but Swift said she was afraid of being framed. Watch the rest of the preview video below, which has already had 32,873 since being uploaded today in YouTube.

Taylor Swift deepest fears video preview