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Monica Lewinsky is back in the public eye again after a 13-year break, she has now joined Twitter and within 3 days she already has 72.7K followers. Not bad considering she has only tweeted three times.

The new Monica Lewinsky Twitter account (@MonicaLewinsky) only has three tweets, her first was #HereWeGo, her second was “excited (and nervous) to speak to #Under30Summit,” and her third tweet included these 3 hashtags #gratitude #overwhelmed #thankyou.

Monica Lewinsky Twitter support vs haters

She is clearly happy she has that many people following her on Twitter. The former White House intern hit Internet fame when she admitted to having an affair with ex-President Bill Clinton. Her first speech after 13-year break was at the Forbes’ Under 30 summit in Philadelphia, where she discussed her 1998 sex scandal.

She was cyber bullied after the scandal after she admitted falling in love with Bill Clinton, and now she is starting a new campaign to end online abuse. She said in her speech she was ‘Patient Zero’, her reputation was destroyed worldwide via the Internet she said, in a way she was lucky because back then Facebook and Twitter did not exist – so it could have been worse.

Piers Morgan has already slammed Monica, read more about this over on the Daily Mail. Now that she has started her campaign to stop online abuse and her new Twitter account is now online, people have started to tweet how they feel about her.

Yes, there are haters in the world that didn’t like what Monica did, but they quickly forgave Bill Clinton and at the end of the day it takes two people to have an affair, this was one of the tweets that stood out for us.

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Monica Lewinsky Supporters on Twitter

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